SEO Case Studies

SEO Case Study #1

This client saw nearly 200% growth in their organic traffic during the first four months of hiring our company. Thanks to extensive white-hat SEO that included site improvements and off-site back linking using Google safe techniques we took this company to new heights.

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SEO Case Study #2

This client saw over 80% growth in organic traffic during the last several months of hiring our company. For this company we overhauled their on-site content with fresh content and better site structure. Off-site we performed white-hat SEO link building and blog creation.

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SEO Case Study #3

We helped this office rental agency increase their organic traffic nearly 300% in one month and a half. Our services with them included website redesign, SEO, and ad management. Combined our services helped them rent out their available office spaces at a much faster pace.

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Ad Management/PPC Case Studies

Ad Management Case Study #1

This office rental client fully booked all of his open offices within the first two months of hiring our company. Our PPC professionals ran local ads to Google search users looking for office space in Boca Raton. Our targeted ads spent less than $300 and helped him fill up his open offices with year long contracts or longer.

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Ad Management Case Study #2

This non-profit catholic prayer group found new members within the first three months of hiring our company. Our PPC professionals ran facebook ad targeted at local catholics to their location. Our targeted ads spent $5 a day and helped them secure a continuous stream of new members.

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Ad Management Case Study #3

This telecommunications company capitalized on their paid and organic website traffic with re-marketing campaigns set up by our team. Our PPC professionals ran Facebook re-marketing campaigns for this client to help them regain lost paid and organic traffic. Our targeted ads spent $5 a day and helped them get more sales for less money thereby improving their ROI.

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Our Current and Past Clients Include:

South American Initiative

Our work with this great non profit includes paid advertising, SEO consulting, and social media consulting. With us we saw them make thousands of dollars in donations every month for their efforts in aiding starving Venezuelans during their economic crisis.

With our help they increased their number of monthly donations tremendously. We helped them spend the entirety of their advertising budget each month, identified and targeted their primary keywords, and helped optimize their landing pages for conversions.

south american initiative non profit website


Our work with GlobalTel helped them reach new heights in search engine rankings and organic traffic. This company helps people save money on calls to jail. Calls to jail cost exhorbitant amounts of money when you call long distance. GlobalTel slashes these costs to a fraction with their service.

We helped they achieve month over month organic traffic increases. We helped them with social media management, ad management, and SEO. digital marketing work

Ocean Maid Service

This maid service from Delray Beach cleans homes for an affordable price. They train and vet their maids to be trustworthy and hard working. We helped this company design their website and gain greater visibility online with SEO strategies.

With our help we got them to the first page of Google search results through effective on-site and off-site SEO. We also helped redesign their website to appear more trendy to their potential customers.

Screenshot of the website.


This is another jail calling service that saves people money on long distance calls to incarcerated loved ones. SecurTel helps people save thousands a month in some cases on jail calls. Our work with them consisted of offsite SEO and overall online visibility.

With our help they achieved nearly 70% growth in organic traffic within our first month of services. We also helped pave the way for the company to adopt new forms of advertising through re-marketing campaigns. digital marketing work


This India calling card company offers some of the best rates to call India around. Their easy to use app and recharging service made them very successful. With our help we helped them rank higher in search engines and reach more customers in the USA and India.

With our help we were able to achieve 5% month over month increases in organic traffic for their primary keywords. We also helped them connect with their social media audience more effectively with our social media management services. digital marketing work

Boca Executive Office is an office building located in Boca Raton FL. They rent out high quality office space to startups and executives. We helped them with SEO and content creation.

We helped this company reach the first page of search results with smart on-site and off-site SEO services. We also helped them redesign their website to increase conversions from advertising and appear more attractive to their consumers.

Case Studies and Past Clients


Baitballs is a revolutionary new product helping fishermen land more fish. This product is essentially chum packed into paintballs to allow fishermen to easily disperse and carry to their fishing spots. We designed their website and consulted with them on marketing.

We helped launch this new product by first creating their website. We helped them establish their primary keywords and identify advertising opportunities for their unique industry. digital marketing work


This is a parental control app for IOS devices. It allows the user to control their childs mobile phone to a degree. It allows you to control the times they are and aren’t allowed to use their device and which apps you will allow. Our work with them consisted of website management and SEO.

We helped them gain exposure to their primary demographic through the use of social media management, SEO, and advertising management. digital marketing work

Victor Malca Law – Workers Comp Lawyer

Our work with this workers comp lawyer includes SEO and social media management. With us we saw them increase their number of clients monthly through effective search engine optimization.

We helped them with keyword optimization and content creation on site and backlinks and social media posting off site. Combined we helped their search traffic grow and increase their visibility among their target audience.

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