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Ad Management Services

Modernize your business with effective online advertising.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ad Management & More

Getting ad management means your ads are managed and optimized by digital marketing professionals. This service is key to maximizing your ROI. Our ad managers are proficient on all ad platforms. Depending on your type of business we may suggest targeting certain markets over others. Advertising is a rapidly changing industry as the government limits personal data and technology grows. You need professionals up to the task of optimizing your SEO to really get ahead.

What is it about PPC advertising that makes it so popular among online business owners? Well, it allows you to get targeted traffic simply by paying for a top position on the search engines as well as appearing on the websites of relevant partners. There are a number of well-known paid marketing services and we work with all of them to manage your PPC program. The top services include Facebook Advertising, Bing Advertising, and Google Ads.


Highly Targeted Traffic

Pay-per-click marketing can be responsible for delivering instant traffic to your website while also offering you much more. It gives you a number of methods for complimenting your existing SEO strategies. How? Well, it starts with testing a number of important factors like your business model, keywords, and marketplace verticals. In addition, it gives you the singular opportunity for developing your SEO plan and overall online marketing strategy. It does this by arming you with all of the salient facts rather than with assumptions.

Keyword Research ScienceCustomer browses a website online

Did you know that there’s a science to picking a high number of keywords that are low-volume and cheaper for advertising but still capable of providing a high ROI? Yes, certain long-tail keywords can be utilized for the purpose of hedging against the high cost of high-volume keywords. This, in turn, lowers the average cost-per-click (CPC) for your whole online marketing campaign. This science is an important part of what we provide as part of our ad management services. We apply this science to all of your advertising management, including your facebook ads, google ads, and other paid ads.

All-Inclusive Program or Redo

We offer you an all-inclusive PPC program development or a renovation of your existing PPC campaign if you already have one but it needs some serious help. We also include ongoing website design management and optimization services. Whether your requirements include a brand new view on your existing campaign, ongoing monthly management service, or a total rebuild of your marketing campaign that your internal team will be managing, we’re here to help you with any phase. It’s your choice.


Get the Highest ROI Per Dollar

If you’re still a little bit unsure regarding what could make up the best PPC campaign for your website, don’t worry about it. Most business owners need a bit of sage advice about which PPC platforms have been proven to provide the top ROI metrics in your chosen industry. We have found that most businesses get optimum results are produced when they use a combination of several diversified online advertising methods and that’s something we can definitely help you with. Let’s start with some Facebook Advertising info:

Facebook Ads Management Services

Facebook Ads can give you special abilities, like displaying your highly-targeted ads to 1.59 billion active FB users worldwide. You may have already known that Facebook is the #2 most-visited site on the Internet worldwide. In addition, it’s #1 in the U.S. with an average of 126 million unique users. In fact, it’s not a Facebook platform that gets overlooked by advertisers anymore. We’ve found that numerous industries of all sizes and types have discovered some serious marketing success via our targeted Facebook ads management services.

The fact is that Facebook users provide an amazing amount of information voluntarily, which has prompted the creation of one of the largest personal data repositories in the world. Facebook, in turn, provides the majority of that information to marketing experts for demographically targeted ads on the FB platform. A small sample of those ad targeting options include:

  • Age
  • Device Usage
  • Employer
  • Education Level
  • Gender
  • Homeownership
  • Income
  • Language
  • Life Events (like become a new parent)
  • Location
  • Net worth
  • Parental Status
  • Purchase Behavior and/or Intent
  • User Interests

Supplying advertisers diverse targeting options such as these are accomplished by Facebook via first-party data disclosed by Facebook users in addition to their FB activity as well as third-party data that Facebook purchases.

What Ad Management Does For You

In case you’re still wondering what will be included in our Ad Management Services, here’s a list of what you can expect to receive when you choose us:

  1. Ad Submissions
  2. Assisting with Landing Page Optimization
  3. Call Tracking
  4. Campaign Improvement Modifications
  5. PPC Cost Management
  6. Competitive Research
  7. Conversion Tracking
  8. Creating Ad Text
  9. Finding and Selecting Keywords
  10. Landing page development
  11. Landing page improvements
  12. PPC Monitoring

Get the Most From Your Paid Marketing Budget

Our ad marketing experts are ready, willing, and able to start working with you toward measurable improvements in your online business. Some ad management services focus only on engagement, like the number of likes that a page or an ad is receiving, however, we are driven by those consistent results that are impacting your company’s bottom line.