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Award Winning Advertising Agency Fort Lauderdale's favorite advertising firm is ready to modernize your business with effective online advertising.

Ad management services by Correct Digital means your ads are managed and optimized by digital marketing professionals. This service is key to maximizing your ROI and ensuring long term success for your business. Our digital marketing experts are proficient on all online ad platforms. Depending on your type of business we may suggest targeting certain markets and using certain platforms over others.

Advertising is a rapidly changing industry as the government limits personal data and technology capability grows. You need professionals up to the task of optimizing your advertising campaigns to ensure a competitive edge.

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Digital marketing professionals work hard on a new ad campaign.

Show Your Ads On Popular Websites & Apps Attract business with effective online advertising strategies.

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Bill Bernbach

Committed To Our Clients

We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some outstanding people and companies. Our agency has remained fully committed to our clients and their customers. This resolve has been our strategy that has helped our agency become award winning in our industry.

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Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Pay-per-click advertising can effectively drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Advertising can also be used to compliment your existing SEO strategy. All businesses can benefit greatly from ad management services by digital marketing experts. It doesn’t matter if you sell products online nationally or own a small local business. There are advertising solutions that will work well for you.

Marketing Strategy Creation

We offer you an all-inclusive marketing program development or a renovation of your existing  campaigns. We also include ongoing website design management and optimization services. Whether your requirements include a brand image improvement on your existing campaigns, ongoing monthly management services, or a total rebuild of your marketing campaign that your internal team will be managing. We’re here to help you with any phase. It’s your choice.

Advanced Targeting Options

Online advertising platforms offer advertisers advanced targeting options to help them reach their intended target markets. Platforms like Facebook, Google, and others allow you to target very specific qualities of your target market such as their interests, age, gender, and more. Take a look at some of the categories we can select from when choosing your target market:

  • Age
  • Device
  • Education Level
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Language
  • Life Events (like become a new parent)
  • Location
  • Parental Status
  • Purchase Behavior and/or Intent
  • Interests (such as pop music or travel)

Supplying advertisers diverse targeting options such as these are accomplished via first-party data disclosed by  users of the platform in addition to third-party data that platform collects from partner websites.

What Our Ad Management Service Does For You

Clients who sign up for our ad management service can expect the following tasks to be completed:

  1. Ad Graphic and Promo Video Creation
  2. Landing Page Optimization
  3. Call and Form Submission Tracking
  4. Campaign Improvement Modifications
  5. PPC Cost Management
  6. Competitive Research
  7. Conversion Tracking
  8. Creating Ad Text
  9. Finding and Selecting Keywords
  10. Monthly Performance Reports
  11. Weekly Ad Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

Get the Most From Your Paid Marketing Budget

Our ad marketing experts are ready, willing, and able to start working with you toward measurable improvements in your online business. Some ad management services focus only on engagement, like the number of likes that a page or an ad is receiving, however, we are driven by those consistent results that are impacting your company’s bottom line.

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Call Us: (833) 777-3444

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Call Us: (833) 777-3444