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Reputation Management Make A Great First Impression With The Right Reviews.

If you take your business seriously then you should consider your public image. Reputation management by Correct Digital does just that.

We help you gather and disseminate positive reviews for your businesses products and services. We have smart strategies that help you connect with your happy customers to leave reviews on social media and review websites. With concerted effort you can build an honest profile of success stories without the negative reviews.

Professional digital marketers work on a reputation management campaign.

Do you know what your customers say about you online? Is it favorable? Did it hurt your reputation?

If you’re struggling to build a good online reputation, you’ve come to the right place. We have a proven track record of helping businesses manage their reviews, strengthen their branding and improve customer trust.

Our clients are now reaping the rewards of an excellent online reputation that we helped them with. You could be one of them. Contact us so we can help you too.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some outstanding people and companies. These enterprises are stalwarts in their industries and role models for many.

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What is Reputation Management?

When you have a business, the opinion of your customers can make or break you. No doubt about that. Many establishments have closed due to poor customer reviews. While a lot also became big brands because their clients couldn’t recommend them more.

In this digital age, the pressure on managers to protect their image has doubled. Information can be shared in one tap and one negative review can ruin you in a moment’s notice. This is why managing your online reputation is a necessity.

Reputation Management, in essence, is about building a positive image online. It’s goal is to influence online information about the brand to shape public opinion. Think of it as your customer service and public relations officer rolled into one.

It uses both SEO and public relations techniques to up your ranking and promote a positive image. It also aims to address online reviews that could impact your business in a negative way.

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

If you think that online opinions about your business doesn’t hold much weight offline, you better think again. Online reviews is as or, in some cases, even more powerful than offline ones. Here are some of the common pitfalls that you will encounter online:

Harmful Photos and Videos

Have you seen videos of unsanitary practices done by large fast food corporations? Some of them are even uploaded by the employees themselves. As expected, public backlash was instant. The companies ended up making public apologies and clean up their acts. Our team of digital experts can help you avert situations like this. We keep track of search results for your brand thus allowing us to contain harmful photos and videos before it spreads.

Negative Reviews

Benjamin Franklin once said it takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one bad one to lose it. All it takes is one slanderous comment and everything you’ve built could be razed to the ground.

Most of the time when people hear about a product or a service, they go online and check it out. If what they see and read are negative feedbacks, then you have just lost a potential customer.

To counter negative reviews, one needs to drown it out with positive ones. If the latter outnumbers the former, people won’t take the negative comment seriously. They probably will never even see it. This is what you need expert reputation managers for. We can help you post positive reviews and contents in all the right places so you can finally put it behind you.

Weak Branding

It could be your brand name or it could be on how you project your brand. It doesn’t matter. If your brand isn’t getting recognized by the intended users, then you’re doomed.

Imagine you’re walking through a grocery aisle looking to buy a toothpaste. You ignore all the others and went straight to the one you recognize. That’s how branding works.

Building your brand online is no easy task. You need to build your presence so you will be more visible and get noticed. Here at Correct Digital, we use the latest SEO techniques to increase your search ranking. This helps you get more traffic and thus strengthen your brand.

Not Enough Information

When you search online for a company’s website and you found none, what would you do? Rely on third party information. Is it true? Well, who knows? It’s better than nothing.

This is how your customers think whenever they go online and can’t find your website or even a social media site. It’s dangerous as they could stumble upon fake reviews and take it as the truth.

So how do you put forward more information about your business? Get a website. It has to be professionally-designed and optimized. Maintaining social media accounts also help so your customers can easily connect with you.

Combat Fake Reviews

If there is one thing worse than a negative review, its the fake review.

Fake reviews are feedbacks left by people who have never actually used or tried your products and services. It’s very easy for anyone to create an account and write a damaging review of your business. Some sites even allow users to use nicknames which makes it all the more difficult to know who they are and respond to their concern professionally.

Why would anyone bother to do that? There can be a lot of reasons. One, they could be hired by a competitor to cut off competition. It’s a very unethical business practice but it happens more often than you think. Another is they may have a hidden personal grudge on you or any of your employees. Or they’re just simply too bored with their lives that they feel the need to bring down others.

There are several online tools to filter fake reviews from the real ones but they don’t always work. Our reputation management programs include manually tracking down these fake reviews and have them removed.

We understand that every business has different circumstances. That’s why we offer Reputation Management Programs tailored to your specific needs. Call us now to get a free proposal.

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