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SEO For Small Businesses Get ahead in search engine rankings with an SEO package tailored to your needs.

Get professional local to international-level SEO services with long-lasting results. Your business can do more than drive traffic with online ads. Our SEO strategies have a proven track record for clients across many industries.

From directory listings, social media, and backlink creation to technical SEO and site audits. We use every industry standard tool and strategy to boost your site’s SEO.

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Award-Winning SEO Experts At Your Service We are experts in SEO for all online business categories.

Local businesses need specialized SEO services to help them rank for keywords related to their products and services in a local area.

Local Business SEO

Local businesses need specialized SEO services to help them rank for keywords related to their products and services in a local area.
Our team stays up to date with current changes in SEO so that we can ensure our strategies remain effective for your website.

Technically Sound SEO

Our team stays up to date with current changes in SEO so that we can ensure our strategies remain effective for your website.
Websites that sell products nationwide or internationally need a robust SEO plan. Hire the pros to start ranking high for your keywords.

E-Commerce SEO

Websites that sell products nationwide or internationally need a robust SEO plan. Hire the pros to start ranking high for your keywords.
We measure our SEO performance with real time results. We track the number of sales and contacts received from SEO traffic.

Measured By Results

We measure our SEO performance with real time results. We track the number of sales and contacts received from SEO traffic.

“On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.”

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

Why Your Business Needs SEO

People use the internet to find the products and services they need these days. Paying for placement in search engines like Google is one working strategy to advertise your business to these customers but any serious business can understand the importance of placing your website among the organic search results below search ads.

A successful SEO campaign means that you may find your business getting more customers and leads from organic search results than you are from paid advertising.

3.5 billion searches are made on Google each day

With more and more people having internet access, having SEO is more than just a strategy, it’s a matter of survival.

46% of product searches start on Google

Unlike social media users, people who search for products on Google are more likely to buy them. You wouldn’t type it in Google if you’re not really interested, right?

84% of internet users use Google 3+ times a day

Because of the billions of websites vying for a place in its results pages, Google’s algorithm is becoming smarter than ever.

90% of users click on the first result

If you’re searching for something on Google, chances are, you’ll only click on the first or second result. The same is also true for your potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a nutshell, it’s the process of improving your online visibility to better connect with your current and potential customers. Its primary goal is to rank higher in search engine results. A higher ranking means more traffic which often translates to more sales and more income.

How Does SEO Work?

To answer questions beyond their ken, our ancestors turned to seers, prophets, and mystics. Now, we type our questions on search engines.

Indeed, when you want to know about something or are searching for a particular product, you’ll probably google it. Whether you’re trying to figure out if you’re a vampire (hopefully not) or looking for a spell to turn yourself into a mermaid (do tell us if you find one that works), you turn to search engines for answers.

But unlike seers and mystics, search engines don’t use rituals to come up with the answers to our questions. Instead, they crawl through billions of web pages to give you the most relevant results. Using bots, they collect information from these pages and put them in an index. Think of the web as one giant library and search engines are the librarians. They index the books so when you ask them about something, they know exactly which books to recommend.

To effectively index the websites, search engines use algorithms. These algorithms will analyze your site and will take into account hundreds of ranking factors and signals. If your website doesn’t have these ranking factors, there’s a good chance you won’t get to see any organic traffic ever.

This is where search engine optimization comes in.

SEO works by helping search engines better understand your website. As mentioned, search engines use algorithms to crawl and index websites. If your website isn’t optimized for these algorithms, search engines will never correctly index it and your potential customers will never find it.

Since algorithms constantly change, SEO strategies evolve along with them too. An SEO strategy that worked ten or fifteen years ago may never work today. Worse, it could get you penalized and your website de-indexed.

To ensure guaranteed results, our SEO experts never stop learning. We make sure to keep ourselves abreast of any search engine updates and trends in the industry.

On top of that, we focus on long-term results rather than short-lived victories. That’s why we use only “white hat” SEO strategies. This means we don’t engage in dodgy link building or stuff your content with keywords just so they’ll rank in search engines. We provide real results that can stand the test of time – or rather, search engine algorithm updates.

Local vs. National Level SEO – What’s The Difference?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to get thousands of traffic but rarely see any spike in sales. When this happens, there’s usually one likely culprit: wrong SEO strategy.

You see, SEO is not just about getting traffic or ranking on search engines. It’s also about getting the right kind of visitors.

Picture this out: if your product is only available in Florida, then your target customers are people from that state. But since the internet is available worldwide, its inevitable that people from all over the world will visit your site. Those international visits will (obviously) not translate to sales. In short, it’s all just numbers with no substance.

This is where having a local SEO matters.

Local SEO helps your business be more visible in local searches. And visitors from within your immediate vicinity are more likely to buy your products or avail of your services.

Remember that Google’s ultimate goal is to give their users what they’re exactly looking for. That’s why their algorithm takes your location into account. Without localized SEO, Google won’t know where you are. As a result, you’ll have a hard time getting traffic that converts into actual sales.

But not all types of business will benefit from a localized SEO. That’s why our services include both local and international SEO. We don’t use the same SEO strategies for all of our clients. We’ll take into account your target customers and marketing goals to come up with an SEO plan that best suits your needs.

How to Ensure SEO Success

The best way to ensure SEO success is to hire an SEO agency that knows what it’s doing.

As you probably know, not all SEO companies are equal. In fact, no two are the same and we have the figures to prove it:

  • 31% of SEO companies deliver poor results to their clients. Unfortunately, it’s a dark hole that you never see until you’ve fallen in. It can injure your business, your reputation, and your bottom line. In the end, it could also limit your search engine website traffic averages for as long as a year.
  • 38 percent of agencies in our industry deliver SEO that is only average. Some companies might give you a slight boost in your traffic and ranking. But they’ll most likely be focusing on the wrong areas in general. It’s not helping your bottom line.
  • 24 percent of the SEO companies may be giving you good SEO that gets you some results – but they’re usually short-term. In spite of the increased traffic and revenue, it will only last as long as your payments to the SEO company do.
  • Only 7 percent of SEO companies actually deliver great organic traffic results. That’s where magical results and real money are and that’s exactly what we give you. It requires a team that has both industry experience and proven techniques. They also need to put in plenty of hard work aimed at getting you the results that you want and need. It’s the type of SEO that’s responsible for building brands and strengthening your position on Google’s SERPs. That’s our kind of SEO.

What’s Included in an SEO Service?

Our SEO services revolve around Google-approved methods of ranking companies. We treat SEO as an investment that you can benefit from for years to come. To do this, our standard SEO packages include the following:

Is Paying for SEO Worth It?

It depends on the SEO agency you hire. Since SEO services are very much in demand right now, there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon. The problem with this is many of them don’t really know what they’re doing.

If you’ve been searching for SEO services, then you probably have a constant stream of emails that guarantee a top rank on Google’s search results in exchange for thousands of dollars. While they may deliver on their promise in the first few months, those results rarely last long. Besides, SEO companies that promise guaranteed results are most likely engaging in shady practices that could hurt your ranking in the long run.

Paying for SEO is only worth it if you work with a reputable SEO company like Correct Digital. Our SEO process is all about getting your website to rank and maintain that ranking – even after you’ve stopped working with us.

Besides, our SEO packages are affordable even for small businesses. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a full-range SEO, you can always avail of our start-up bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • As they say, great things take time. The same is also true for SEO. Because of the billions of websites it needs to index, it can take Google months to notice the changes made to your website. That’s why SEO results only show after three to six months, on average. But it’s also not unheard of for a site to get a boost in rankings after only a month or two.

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